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In football conversations usually arises the discussion over who is better… if Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Any Google search yields hundreds of results on “Messi vs Ronaldo” or “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi”. Assuming that we will always make a subjective analysis, based on our personal preferences, I have made this comparison, as a statistic, rigorous and totally objective analysis, in which I will confront their individual and collective achievements. I have incorporated an aspect that many people apply: the comparison of the two while Cristiano Ronaldo played for Real Madrid (2009 to 2018).

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49 Responses

  1. Giannis 23 de February de 2020 / 08:27

    Hello. According to my information Ronaldo has 29 trophies as he did not play for the Uefa super cup 2016 and was not in the squad for Community shield 2008. Also messi’s Olympic gold medal does not count as a trophy because of its under 23 rule of participation. Also Ronaldo has 2 more games played. And messi 3 less assists.

    • Míchel Acosta 23 de February de 2020 / 08:42

      Hi Giannis,

      I count every title won while they were part of the team.
      I count Olympics Gold Medal because there are no sub23 Olympics and absolute Olympics, there’s only one Olympic football competition and its importance is huge.

      Ronaldo has 998 games. Some people count 2 games with Sporting B squad, I don’t.

      And i think Messi’s assist count is ok. Here you are all the games with goals and assists per game, feel free to detect the 3 wrong assists and tell me.

      • miranda 8 de March de 2020 / 14:57

        Just remember Messi team are more solid than Ronaldo team. Barcelona squad had more solid team because they had been together for more than 10 years. Compare to Ronaldo teams which more frequent to changing their formations or players.

        There are 4 players : Midfielder (A and B), Forward (C and D). A job is to arrange attack from behind and give the ball to B. And B will give the ball to C or either B himself score a goal. C receive the ball from B and either A himself score a goal or he give the ball to D (asisst). D receive the ball from C and score a goal. Ronaldo typically A or B player. While Messi typically C or D player. So Ronaldo isnt in the position to score a goal and give asisst as frequent as Messi does.

      • miranda 8 de March de 2020 / 15:04

        One more think if you analyze the match statisctics from 2 players. You will notice Ronaldo start football career only 2 years ahead of Messi start career. But Ronaldo match exceed more than 140 games than Messi. How is it possible? There is no way Ronaldo played 140 games in just 2 years. Just try to count Ronaldo games start 2005 equal with Messi. And you will find in 15 years football career Ronaldo played more games than Messi did in 15 years. Why ? Because Messi only play when his condition 100 percent fit. Ronaldo will play even when his condition 50 percent fit.

      • Giannis 9 de March de 2020 / 09:14

        I consider this your way of counting and you are free to count any way you want. The reason I said that is that Cristiano does not have a medal for these 2 trophies. Also journalists that I have read articles of them do not count Olympic gold and count 2 more games for Cristiano.

        • Míchel Acosta 9 de March de 2020 / 09:19

          Hi Giannis,

          Show me these articles.

        • Giannis 9 de March de 2020 / 20:06

          I can show you only about Ronaldo having not these 2 medals. Because all other stuff that I mentioned come from articles in Greek that you will probably not understand. Because I am Greek. As for Ronaldo games you were right. Because juventus made a post last night about his 1000 games.

        • Míchel Acosta 9 de March de 2020 / 20:12

          Go ahead. Google Translate works pretty well from greek to whatever.

        • Giannis 9 de March de 2020 / 20:20

          I am trying to post a squad for Manchester Uniteds 2008 Community shield and real Madrids uefa super cup of 2016 but you already know that Ronaldo was not there. 25 medals in each ceremony are presented and an 18 squad with a coach an assistant doctors gym members are capturing all of them.

        • Giannis 9 de March de 2020 / 20:36

          As for the 3 less assists messi has I took this info from messi vs and the reason I think it is accurate is that they analyse it year by year. Please note that I am not trying to correct you like a teacher does. I do not say that I know everything. Also I do not want to say negative things about messi. I am just a Ronaldo fan.

        • Giannis 9 de March de 2020 / 20:37

          It will take long to find an old article about Olympic gold. As for the games I said I am taking that back as juventus posted yesterday.

        • Míchel Acosta 9 de March de 2020 / 20:42

          He was already injured, but UEFA gave him the winner medal. He was part of the First Squad of Real Madrid

        • Giannis 9 de March de 2020 / 21:09

          I was shocked to see this medal. It should not count for me. But maybe real saved one medal for him. That does not change the fact that Ronaldo does not have one either for this or community shield 2008. I have not seen any picture of him with one. Wikipedia and messi vs Ronaldo. Net count 29 trophies.

        • Giannis 9 de March de 2020 / 21:12

          Oh I am one more time shocked. Messi vs Ronaldo counts 30 trophies including community shield but not uefa super cup. So what is true in this life?

        • Míchel Acosta 9 de March de 2020 / 21:56

          Is not Real Madrid saving a medal for him. UEFA sends a medal to every member of the team, even if he wasn’t that day at the final game. Ronaldo must have his medal too.

        • miranda 20 de April de 2020 / 11:13

          Why everybody protest Ronaldo didnt deserved Community Cup 2008 and Super UEFA 2016. FIFA rule that every player who include squad member are deserve trophy if that team win a trophy. Even if that player dont play the match. Just take a look another players trophy list. You will notify many of them not actually playing either only a substitute or get injured or card suspension. For example : Ronaldo Nazario had 1994 World Cup trophy but he didnt played at all. Gary Neville and Roy Keane had 1999 Champions League Cup but they both didnt played in the final. Even Messi trophy list 2005 Champions League and 2005 Coppa Espana but he didn played in the final. A Community Cup 2008 required a team must won Premiere League vs FA Cup winner. Ronaldo helps MU won 2008 Premier League with 31 goals and became top scorer. Super UEFA Cup required a team must won Champions League vs UEFA Cup winner. Ronaldo help Madrid won Champions League in that season with 15 goals as top scored compare Messi only scored 1 goal in 2005 Champions League and didnt played at the final but take that trophy.

          Oke lets pretend Ronaldo didnt had 2016 Super UEFA Cup and 2008 Community Cup. If we analyze a trophy value we could count who had the biggest value. Ronaldo had won : 6 Local League (x 1) plus 5 Champions League (x 3) plus 4 World Club Champions ( x 3), plus 2 Super UEFA ( x 3), plus 10 Local Cup ( x 0,5) total 44.

          Messi won club : 10 Local League (x 1), plus 4 Champions League (x 3), plus 3 World Club Champions ( x 3), plus 3 Super UEFA (x 3), plus 14 Local Cup (x 0,5) total 47.

          44 (Ronaldo) vs 47 (Messi) in the club. In national team Ronaldo add 2 Cups : Euro 2016 (7) and UEFA Nations League (3). Total its 10. Messi 0 or if we insisting 2008 Olympic Gold should be include though its a junior team U21 and the value is only 3. So Messi vs Ronaldo : 50 vs 57. World Cup value its at 10. Coppa Libertadores at 2. Coppa America at 3. International Super Cup (Champions League vs Coppa Libertadores) at 2.

          But if we want to fair we need to add Ronaldo trophy in 2016 Super UEFA. If we denied because Ronaldo didnt played in the final. We must eliminate Messi Champions League 2005 and Super Espana 2005 because he didnt played in the final. So club Ronaldo vs Messi at 47 vs 47.

      • Giannis 9 de March de 2020 / 20:27

        As for the 3 less assists messi has I took this info from messi vs and the reason I think it is accurate is that they analyse it year by year. Please note that I am not trying to correct you like a teacher does. I do not say that I know everything. Also I do not want to say negative things about messi. I am just a Ronaldo fan.

    • miranda 8 de March de 2020 / 05:15

      1. Ronaldo more handsome and friendly than Messi. Ronaldo had more followers in all social media (IG 206 Milion vs 144 Milion, FB 120 Milion vs 90 Milion, Twitter 83 Milion vs 3 Milion). Ronaldo had more fans all around the world. While Messi fans dominated by LATIN HISPANIC.

      2. Ronaldo smarter than Messi. Ronaldo fluently speak English, Spanish, little bit of Italy and of course Portugese. He also able to speak France but not fluently. While Messi only fluent in Spanish.

      3. Ronaldo more adaptive than Messi. Ronaldo had 3 clubs and each he managed to adapt with new coach, new team, new tactic, new opponents etc. While Messi for 15 years only play in 1 club. There is no way Messi would sucess in Italy and England. Because two of them had stronger defenders and their media more hars to football superstar.

      4. Ronaldo also more sucess in national team than Messi. He able to score 99 goals in 164 match with Portugal or 60% while Messi only score 70 goals in 138 match with Argentina that close to 50%.

      5. Yes Messi had more goal percentage than Ronaldo in club. But remember in Manchester United Ronaldo was put in MIDFIELDER. Messi always a forward from 15 years !. If you take a look Ronaldo had more goal percentage in Madrid than Messi in Barcelona. Why ? Because in Madrid Ronaldo was put in Winger (Left Forward or Right Forward). Ronaldo had 311 goals in 292 match with Madrid thats a 106%. While Messi only 438 goals in 478 match in Barcelona its only 91%.

      6. Ronaldo more versatile in term of how his score a goals. In best Ronaldo goals you would see he score beautiful from heading, backheel, bicycle kick, freekick and out of penaly box. While 90% Messi best goal only from passing and dribbling.

      7. Ronaldo ahed from Messi in Champions League goals. He also ahead of money donated to poor community (charity).

      • Míchel Acosta 8 de March de 2020 / 15:24

        I will take my time to reply your 3 posts because there are so many nosenses and you need a lot of information.

        • miranda 10 de March de 2020 / 03:04

          You cant make comparison of raw statistic to judge a player. Messi had more solid team and better midfielder such as Xavi, Iniesta etc. While Ronaldo team always changing formations and had less quality midfielder. Only Ronaldo had 3 style of play (middle to forward in MU, winger-forward in Madrid, full forward in Juventus). While Messi only forward.

          In terms of world best player Ronaldo 5 vs Messi 6. Let we analyze this. In 2008 Ronaldo had one vs Messi none. But in 2009-2012 Messi had 4 vs Ronaldo none. Why because in that time Ronaldo still tried to adapt whith his new club Madrid and new positions. While Messi in that time had best midfielder at peak conditions. Spain was Europe Champion twice 2008 and 2012 plus World Champion in 2010. In that time Barcelona midfielder were the best in the world with Iniesta, Xavi etc all of them included in Spain winning teams.

          But in 2014-2017 Ronaldo won best player in the world forth times while Messi none. Because in that time Messi lossing support from tiki taka. In 2019 Messi won the best player because Ronaldo move again in new club and had to adapt again. In 2020 Ronaldo already scored 22 in Serie A while Messi only score 19 in La Liga.

      • Giannis 9 de March de 2020 / 20:11

        Miranda I am a fan of Ronaldo. But here is a statistical analysis. You cannot analyse handsomeness. You cannot analyse smartness. It is good that Ronaldo is learning languages as a hobby but here we talk about football. As for success in national team and change of clubs that is true and I am making these statements when arguing with messi fans.

  2. Lucifer 20 de March de 2020 / 01:39

    True that Ronaldo played as a midfielder during his first 5 years at Man United. He even won a place in FifaPro 2007 world 11 team as one of the best midfielder while messi won as a forward. Not even once did messi win as midfielder.
    Also players stats tend to fluctuate when they change teams cuz it’s hard to adapt to a new club. Messi sticked to barca from his childhood while Ronaldo keeps on changing. Most of the player’s stats change when they try to adapt to a new club. Messi should come out of barca and prove his worth if he wants to be the GOAT.
    But anyway looking at their age from now, i feel like it’s a test of endurance for both the legends. The one who stays longer playing may go down as GOAT.
    Cuz in the future, they only look at ur stats not whether you are the best header or best playmaker.
    Best example pele. Everyone knows abt him as a legend because of the number of goals he scored, but no one knows what particular skill he’s actually good at.

    • Lucifer 20 de March de 2020 / 01:43

      At the very least if u don’t want to change ur stats, mention that ronaldo played as a midfielder during his first 5 years. He had 31 assistance during his 1st 5 years of career, messi had 0 assists during his 1st 5 years.

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