Messi vs Cristiano – Individual awards

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Lionel Messi wins his sixth Ballon d'Or

Lionel Messi wins his sixth Ballon d’Or

We have compared the major individual awards a professional footballer can receive. If you think there is a prestigious award that does not appear in this table, you can suggest it in the comments.

NOTE: I have finally decided to remove the Globe Soccer Awards (also known as Jorge Mendes’ private party) from the web because they are considered not very serious. Take 2012 as an example, when Lionel Messi closed the year with 91 goals scored (world record) and the prize for the best player of the year went to Falcao, a player represented by Mendes.

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  1. Hyphen 2 de January de 2021 / 13:17

    The Golden Globe Awards must be added

  2. rishabmaroli22 9 de January de 2021 / 11:52

    iffhs goalscorer & playmaker of the decade have been named, probably you could include them here too

      • rishabmaroli22 12 de January de 2021 / 05:24

        IFFHS World’s Best Top Division Goal Scorer – Ronaldo has won it 3 times (not 2) – He won it in the year 2014, 15 & 20 goal of the season – Messi has won it 4 times (not3) – He won it in the year 2007, 15, 16 & 19

        Could you update this?

  3. ZR7 10 de January de 2021 / 03:56

    You forget to add IFFHS World’s Top Division Goal Scorer
    2020 won by Cristiano Ronaldo
    And IFFHS World’s Best Goal Scorer of the Decade

    • Míchel Acosta 10 de January de 2021 / 07:31

      No, i don’t. I’m not at home and can’t add them from where i am now.

      I will add them tonight or tomorrow

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