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Messi vs Cristiano: Achievements, golden ball, golden shoe...

We have compared the major individual awards a professional footballer can receive. If you think there is a prestigious award that does not appear in this table, you can suggest it in the comments.

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  1. Dherya Sharma 14 de June de 2018 / 05:51

    Messi is one of my favourite. His debut in 2018 FIFA would be a great excellenc. As his performance in laliga was wonderful.

  2. gr8FAN 3 de August de 2018 / 00:25

    I love your site. Keep up the good work!

    Just a small correction: Messi has 5 Golden Shoe and National League Top Scorer Awards and not 4.
    As for CR7, he was the Champions League Top Scorer 7 times, not 6.

  3. BazB 25 de September de 2018 / 15:36

    Ronaldo has played more games than Messi and he is more than two years older. Time is on Messi”s side for goals, assists and further honours. In a few years time when both are retired from top flight football , then a statistical comparison can be made. Greatness is also judged on longevity as with Pele or Di Stefano. In the meanwhile we can only savour the skills of these two great players in the remaining matches of their respective careers. I avidly follow every match that they both play and dread the day when they retire.

  4. john Festus 19 de November de 2018 / 16:29

    What about top assist

  5. Deepak Gautam 19 de December de 2018 / 03:09

    Please Ronaldo haters..for God sake stop it now…Even messi admitted now that Ronaldo is better than him in his recent interview!
    And Messi is a superhuman in dribbling n controlling!
    But Ronaldo is a complete player and a hardest worker!
    His free kicks are best..his acceleration.. dribbling…passes… headers everything..And after all that showcase he scores more than anyone!
    He would have fallen to worst when he won the Ballon dor once n then messi thrice…But he came back with more hard position etc n won that trophies equal to Messi which is the most hardest thing to do!
    And this year . French football Federation did some unfair with Ronaldo otherwise he must be ahead of messi on ballon dor 6
    And Messi is playing in a same team since his birth! it’s like playing in home always!
    But Ronaldo have played in Four teams..n Showed everyone from the who he is!

    Messi have had almost everything from the starting which is needed to make a player great teammates coaches.. attitude to be in the best club..etc
    but Ronaldo earned it Everytime!
    From sporting He Earned Manchester..from Manchester To Madrid And now he is gonna Be top scorer of Italian Serie A 2018/19 !
    And he is 2 yrs older than messi!
    And still the most hard working Football on planet!
    Please don’t Compare Messi With him! Ronaldo Is a GOAT !

  6. Deepak Gautam 19 de December de 2018 / 03:18

    You guys just watch some videos on YouTube and start arguing.. I watch Football everyday!
    You don’t know anything guys…Yeah messi is the best..he is better than Ronaldinho,Pele, Maradona..but it’s a fact that He can’t go close to Ronaldo!
    He can’t even go closer to Ronaldo!

  7. Suck it 30 de December de 2018 / 18:19

    Man even with stats right in these ronaldo dick riders eyes and there still blind i guess penaldos dick is longer than i thought…lmfao SHEEPLE

  8. Dre 17 de January de 2019 / 17:25

    Messi and Ronaldo started playing football around the same time. This notion of people thinking “oh Ronaldo is 2 years older” is wrong. Let’s not forget Messi started playing with Barca, while Ronaldo was at Sporting. But it was at the same time. Second, Ronaldo is a machine. He will not retire in 2 years are you kidding me? If Zlatan can be scoring goals at 36 Ronaldo will be too. Messi on the other hand is as physically complete as Ronaldo. Good try though.

    • Stíflér 31 de January de 2019 / 22:02

      My friend we are talking about serious careers and you can’t deny the fact that Rinaldo has too many career appearances than Messi …. But just go over their goals and calculate the scoring rates of the two players that’s when you will see what’s happening in the real world

    • Akinyemi Opeyemi 26 de February de 2019 / 08:11

      Lol what? Ronaldo started playing football in 2002 and Messi started in 2004.

    • Omphile 6 de March de 2019 / 01:50

      Numbers don’t lie Ronaldo has more than 100 appearances above Messi… best ratios will be in Messi’s favour

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