Messi vs Cristiano – Individual awards

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Lionel Messi wins his sixth Ballon d'Or

Lionel Messi wins his sixth Ballon d’Or

We have compared the major individual awards a professional footballer can receive. If you think there is a prestigious award that does not appear in this table, you can suggest it in the comments.

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  1. MEDMAN 19 de March de 2017 / 14:01

    leo is a great player of all time

  2. Mohammed Diawara 19 de March de 2017 / 20:58

    Messi and cristiano a the best player in the world but they don’t play the same way so we can no who is the best.what i now is the all the same if you like or not

  3. DRRAY ELLIS 26 de March de 2017 / 14:06

    Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Are best players. But Leo Messi is better than Ronaldo for his hard work.

  4. frasskidd7 30 de March de 2017 / 23:56

    Messi is a good player but its better to compare him with neymar Jr because he might look like someone in that comparison but messi is no where in Ronaldo’s league and he will never be cause Ronaldo is always 10 steps ahead

  5. Taelo 31 de March de 2017 / 04:43

    Best is the God of football

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