Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo: Penalties missed and scored

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Global conversion rate

Conversion rate during the game

Conversion rate during the game in finals

Conversion rate in shootouts

Conversion rate in shootouts in finals

Conversion rates with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

We consider “missed penalty” the indirect kick that Messi did against Celta on 02/14/2016, when he voluntarily used the shot to assist Luis Suarez. This is because it counts as a penalty shot but not as a penalty goal.

Conversion rates with Argentina and Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo with other teams

A widespread argument is that Cristiano Ronaldo is better kicking penalties than Leo Messi. Indeed, the success rate of Cristiano Ronaldo from the penalty spot is higher than Messi’s. He has greatly improved its success rate since playing at Real Madrid.

Percentage of penalties from all goals

Percentage of penalties with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

Percentage of penalties with Argentina and Portugal

Percentage of penalties of Cristiano with other teams


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  1. yes 29 de September de 2017 / 02:11

    penaldo is penaldo not only because of dives, but because playing 2 years longer than Messi as a striker he managed to score way less normal goals but way more from penalties

    • fuckmessi 1 de October de 2017 / 21:40

      lol he has way more goals in all competitions messi just misses alot of penalties haha

    • Ron 77 28 de January de 2018 / 05:46

      You are such a dick head….he just scored 24 more penalties…..infact pessi received way more assist than ronaldo at the time of iniesta and xavi….hahahahaha pessi

      • FUCKPENALDO 17 de February de 2018 / 02:17

        Penaldog can only bark in the media saying “I am the best ever/We would’ve won if teammates were at my level/I CAN DO WHAT OTHERS CANNOT”, but then the dog NUTMEGS HIMSELF (he really does what others cannot) in the el clasico, the most important game.

  2. Bilis 15 de February de 2018 / 01:50

    i hope u see ronaldo in your dreams,, like i know u suffer it ,,,enjoy it ,, take at ur side ,,, i know is hard ,,, but flaming it or trying to lye only does u have more sufferinf of somethinf unstopable,,,cr7 is better than time or space,,just cry or smile ,,anyway , cr7 did his little pieze of history in THIS named football ,,for more conclusions u can go wiki and check the legend of this guy,,GL to the antis

  3. RONALDO suck my dick 8 de April de 2018 / 21:24


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