Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo: Penalties missed and scored

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Global conversion rate

Conversion rate during the game

Conversion rate during the game in finals

Conversion rate in shootouts

Conversion rate in shootouts in finals

Conversion rates with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

We consider “missed penalty” the indirect kick that Messi did against Celta on 02/14/2016, when he voluntarily used the shot to assist Luis Suarez. This is because it counts as a penalty shot but not as a penalty goal.

Conversion rates with Argentina and Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo with other teams

A widespread argument is that Cristiano Ronaldo is better kicking penalties than Leo Messi. Indeed, the success rate of Cristiano Ronaldo from the penalty spot is higher than Messi’s. He has greatly improved its success rate since playing at Real Madrid.

Percentage of penalties from all goals

Percentage of penalties with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

Percentage of penalties with Argentina and Portugal

Percentage of penalties of Cristiano with other teams


56 Responses

  1. Munir 11 de July de 2017 / 15:17

    messi will always be better than ronaldo tt a fact no one will ever change

  2. Larry Ousman 18 de July de 2017 / 22:40

    these stats are really just that. Stats. When comparing apples to oranges they are simply not a fair assessment. A striker who is the go to guy for the end of a pass will surely score more than someone who builds the play. A striker who is not marked as much as another will certainly have a better chance at scoring. Teams try harder to neutralize Messi than they do Ronaldo. In fact if you look at how teams defend (deep, usually with two lines of defense) against Barcelona it will be clear to see how difficult it is to score against them.

  3. Lan 2 de September de 2017 / 07:48

    No, we call him Penaldo not because he’s bad at penalties,but because he takes literally every single one and dives to win a penalty. That’s why he’s taken about 20 more than Messi

  4. yes 29 de September de 2017 / 02:06

    it would be nice to see yearly statistics and how many times they themselves earned them…if possible we must know how many penalties came from their dives (at least the obvious ones either by the taker or by their team mate)

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