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Lionel Messi wins his sixth Ballon d'Or

Lionel Messi wins his sixth Ballon d’Or

In football conversations usually arises the discussion over who is better… if Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Any Google search yields hundreds of results on “Messi vs Ronaldo” or “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi”. Assuming that we will always make a subjective analysis, based on our personal preferences, I have made this comparison, as a statistic, rigorous and totally objective analysis, in which I will confront their individual and collective achievements. I have incorporated an aspect that many people apply: the comparison of the two while Cristiano Ronaldo played for Real Madrid (2009 to 2018).

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  1. shem 18 de March de 2019 / 11:41

    if Ronaldo is the beast, Messi is the beast killer. the short guy has no equal in every aspect of footbal…

  2. Lawrence 19 de March de 2019 / 16:00

    If you add up all the face to face ratios, Messi has won 20 times (more greens in each area) compared to Ronaldo’s 6.

  3. Raphael 20 de March de 2019 / 21:14

    This comparison is statistically misleading. Ronaldo changed clubs so many times whereas Messi stayed always in the same club. How can you compare on goal and assist statistics, or worse… comparing home and away statistics? First Home game with Juve for Ronaldo is like playing away, just an example. Also goals ratio mean nothing if we don’t have any idea of dispersion… Having a lot of hat tricks against irrelevant teams and easy games is not comparable to good performances in difficult games. It would be interesting to have a measure of consistency throughout games and performance in important games. Plus being involved in a goal is a terrible measure, really… You can make a wonderful run and not have the assist nor the goal, it does not measure AT ALL the impact on the match. And a simple average is not the way to go, especially not the average time to score. It is far more interesting to know the probability of having a critical performance at the right moment, measured by having a weight on the team and the competition and at least have a weighted average on the goals and measure which one has more critical contributions.

    • Giancarlos Cuba 2 de April de 2019 / 19:03

      Metete tus excusas del mundo paralelo a donde no te da el sol lloron, y deja disrutar del futbol que no veremos nada igual con MESSI.

    • UTsarga 3 de April de 2019 / 15:00

      what you said doesn’t help ronaldo at all. If it wouldn’t be statistics, Messi would have permanently labelled as “GOAT” by 23. His work is art. Ronaldo is just best at his position, goalscoring. Watch Messi playing from today, you won’t see him live after he retires.

    • Suprea 3 de April de 2019 / 19:22

      Your sterotype rating isnt working again. When there is fact and figure

    • Mayor 4 de April de 2019 / 14:48

      I am sure you started watching football in 2014 if not then you won’t argue this stat. Messi Buried lots of top teams before age 27 . Ac Milan , man united , man city , psg , Arsenal , Bayern leverkusen , Bayern Munich , Real Madrid , Brazil , Spain , Germany . Your point doesn’t even favor Ronaldo at all

    • comanche 5 de April de 2019 / 05:35

      I see a CR7 fan. A cry baby just like his idol.

  4. Hélder 30 de March de 2019 / 14:04

    Mr Michael, please review th stats. I have some doubts. Since last year the goal difference was around 32. This season, 2019, at March 30th, Messi has 29 goals in La Liga against Ronaldo’s 19 in Callccio (a difference of 10). In CL Messi has 8, Ronaldo 4 (a difference of 4). I do not know how many they hav in the Cup touirnament. But it shows an advantage of Messi in 14 goals, How ciome is the difference on 26 since the both do not play for their Countries in the last six months?

  5. Giancarlos Cuba 2 de April de 2019 / 19:00


    • Jolumarq27 11 de April de 2019 / 22:40

      My friend if you don’t speak English you can not discuss or comment on this blog!!!nobody understands you!!

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