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A Complete Guide for Writing an Exemplification Essay


An exemplification essay is a type of essay in which an essay writer uses specific examples to prove their point of view. It is a great way to support a general idea with examples that relate to the subject matter. Therefore, giving only a description of the topic is not enough. It is a form of an argumentative essay. The purpose and main characteristics of an essay are very similar to an argumentative essay.


How to Write an Exemplification Essay?

Choosing Appropriate Examples

In an exemplification essay, you must add relevant examples. Don’t add irrelevant examples in the essay and make it confusing for the readers. Research the topic well and find relevant examples related to the topic.   


Writing college essay of this type requires proper research and planning. You can write a great exemplification essay by following these writing steps.


Choose a Topic

Selecting a great topic is essential for a successful essay. Give time, and make sure to choose a topic that is unique and specific. Look for an interesting and unique topic that both you and the reader will enjoy. Try to avoid picking broad essay topics; it will become difficult for you to find good examples. You can also visit (domain) for great essay topics.


Conduct Research

After selecting the essay topic, start the research phase. Gather data from credible sources and not rely on one source. Read scholarly research papers, articles, blogs, etc. If you are busy with other academic assignments, you can ask someone to write my essay for me.


Develop an Outline

To write the best exemplification essay, you should draw up an outline first. An outline helps organize all the raw data into an understandable text. In the essay outline, you must include the introduction, main body, and conclusion.


Write the Introduction

The introduction is the most important part of the essay as it initiates the discussion on the topic. Start the essay introduction with an attention-grabbing hook statement. Provide some background information on the topic, so it gets easier for the reader to understand the essay.


Write Body Paragraphs

Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence and present your arguments with supporting ideas. To maintain the flow between paragraphs, use transition words. Essay writing service writers also guide you when you ask them for help.


Write the Conclusion

It is the last part of an exemplification essay. The essay writer sums up the entire essay in this section. Ensure the ending gives a sense of completeness to the readers and should not introduce any new information.



Once you are done with your essay, start the proofreading phase. Check all the sentences, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. Remove all the irrelevant examples and information from the essay.


Exemplification Essay Topics

The following are the best exemplification essay topics for your ease.

  • How does hoarding affect your mental wellbeing?
  • Is professional American football an unhealthy sport?
  • Tigers are the biggest and most formidable of big cats.
  • Do immigrant stereotypes have a real-life background?
  • Is gender discrimination an important problem in corporate society?
  • Should farm animals receive greater legal protection?
  • What are the inevitable consequences of using the Internet nowadays?
  • Discuss the reasons your pet should be the town/city mayor.
  • Is it possible to become a businessman without high education?
  • What factors should prevail in the education of the individual?

For essay topics, you can also consult the cheapest essay writing service websites. Make sure their academic writers help you in your topic selection phase when you ask them to write my college essay. So, you can easily write a great exemplification essay without any problem.



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