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My predictions on the Mbappé vs Haaland debate

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Seeing that according to many this will be the next big comparison, I'll make some predictions on how the debate will play out in a few years (this is an English translation of the same post I made in the Spanish forum):


  • More complete: Mbappé's defenders will say that he is a more complete player than Haaland, as he just relies on scoring goals and being a 'poacher'.
  • International career: They will also talk about his World Cup and how many good performances he has done with Les Bleus, maybe he will win another tournament with France. On the other hand, Haaland fans will talk about the clear disparity between the Norwegian and French national teams.
  • Ligue 1 is more difficult than Bundesliga, Austrian and Norwegian league: They will say that Ligue 1 defensively is more difficult than Bundesliga, Austrian and Norwegian league, so what Mbappé does has more value.
    Collective titles: they will talk about how many collective ones Mbappé has compared to Haaland, especially the World Cup. Haaland's defenders will counter that Ligue 1 with PSG is easy, but Mbappé's defenders will say he won Ligue 1 with Monaco and Lille came out Ligue 1 champions as well.
  • More decisive: They will show how Mbappé stepped up at the 2018 World Cup and his hat-trick against Barça, among others. It may be a double standard considering the recent loss to Switzerland and other matches.
  • Total numbers in the 5 big leagues: since Mbappé has played since December 2015 in Ligue 1, while Haaland has played in the Bundesliga since the 2019/20 season, they will probably try to remove Haaland's numbers previously (Austrian and Norwegian league) and stick only with the total numbers in the 5 big leagues (plus UCL, national team games and other important ones).
  • Mbappé was better at Haaland's age: Mbappé had more goals than Haaland at 18, 19 and 20 (and probably at 21 as well). Perhaps they see this as an alternative to goal average, combining it with Mbappé playing in a tougher league.


  • Haaland is underrated as a complete player: They will probably say that Haaland is not completely a 'poacher' and try to show that he is capable of more than just goals.
  • Haaland is a much better goal scorer: They will most likely go for this. They will say that Haaland has the best goals per minute average.
    Averages: Haaland has a better goals X minute average than Mbappé, and maybe they'll look to increase that by only counting games since he left for Red Bull Salzburg and started playing UCL.
  • Bundesliga is harder than Ligue 1: Maybe they'll say the Bundesliga is harder defensively, they'll probably use the Gegenpressing argument.
  • Mbappé has more help: They will say that Haaland plays for Borussia Dortmund in a league dominated by Bayern in addition to playing for the Norwegian national team while Mbappé plays in Ligue 1 with a blistering PSG and a great France. Mbappé's defenders, as I said earlier, will talk about his Ligue 1 title with AS Monaco.

Individual titles


I would say he is more likely to win the Ballon d'Or currently as he is in a better team and a much better national team. He currently has a clear advantage, and I'd say he's going to have it for a few years unless Haaland wins a Golden Boot or two, or maybe even a Ballon d'Or. Therefore, I think Mbappé's defenders will be using him for a good while.


Since he is a good goalscorer, he could come out top scorer in his league and Champions League and maybe go far in the Ballon d'Or. And if he goes to a good club, then his chances of winning the Ballon d'Or would increase a lot as he could win a good league/Champions League and be the top scorer and MVP.

Next teams

I would say the only teams capable of buying them would be Real Madrid, PSG (for Haaland), Manchester City and maybe Chelsea. This would change the landscape quite a bit, we'll see if we can see them in the same league as happened with Messi and Ronaldo. Probably the defenders of one will try to downplay the achievements of the other, downplaying the league they play in for that reason, unless they both play in the same league.


These are my predictions for the Haaland vs Mbappé debate, not much different from what we see now. If you want, send in your predictions below.

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Posted : 30 de June de 2021 19:30