Barcelona vs Juventus – Complete team analysis and betting strategies

Messi vs Ronaldo - Barcelona vs Juventus

Millions of soccer fans love Juventus and Barcelona. That’s because they have two of the most popular players on their roster – Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

But how do the two football clubs compare in terms of performance and betting odds?

Let’s find out:

Barcelona vs Juventus – statistics and predictions

Since Ronaldo joined Juve in 2018, the teams have only met on the field twice. Both games were part of the UEFA Champions League group stage.

 As usual, Barcelona was chasing the perfect group stage, and they nearly got it.  After completely crushing the first five games (including a 2-0 match against Juventus), they lost 0-3 to Andrea Pirlo’s team.

This victory brought Juventus a shot at getting the group’s top spot and having a less tough knockout round draw. Still, Pirlo’s managerial career has a tough start.

That’s because the team is not performing as expected in Serie A. Despite going unbeaten in the first ten opening games of the season, Juventus has finished five rounds in a draw, resulting in a poor leaderboard ranking.

Here’s the official UEFA breakdown of the last encounter between the two football clubs:

Official UEFA breakdown of the last encounter between Barcelona and Juventus

As you can see, despite winning 3-0, Juventus had a weaker possession and passing accuracy. These statistics show that Barcelona has a better passing game than Juve, but that wasn’t enough for the Spanish team to win.

Two of the three goals were scored by Cristiano Ronaldo. The first time the Portuguese superstar has scored against Barcelona in the Champions League as a member of Juventus.

Messi also had seven opportunities to score, but he was unable to go past Buffon’s defence. Ronald Koeman is disappointed with this performance, mainly because he considers that the players weren’t aggressive enough and looked scared.

After all, it’s the first time Barcelona lost a Champions League group match since 2016. Despite being 42 years old, the Juve goalkeeper Buffon carried his team to victory and defended every single attempt of the Spanish team.

Head-to-head performance (Champions League)

The last encounters of Juventus and Barcelona were in the UEFA Champions League. Despite having a competitive advantage, Barca lost their last match, which offered the opponents a shot at outperforming them in the championship.

  • April 11, 2017 – Juventus 3 – 0 Barcelona
  • April 19, 2017 – Barcelona 0 – 0 Juventus
  • September 12, 2017 – Barcelona 3 – 0 Juventus
  • November 22, 2017 – Juventus 0 – 0 Barcelona
  • October 28, 2020 – Juventus 0 – 2 Barcelona
  • December 8, 2020 – Barcelona 0 – 3 Juventus

Team news and updates

Neither team has an outstanding defensive this season. Ronaldo Koeman has rested some of the players in the previous matches. Still, it’s highly unlikely he will continue with this strategy. That’s because winning is of utmost importance, especially since the top spot on the leaderboard still needs to be secured.

 On the other hand, Juventus managed to defeat Barca even though they played without their key defenders Merih Demiral and Giorgio Chiellini. Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored two goals in their last encounter, the team outperformed their opponents.

Still, none of the teams are playing at their maximum potential. Both the Spanish and Italian champions are currently ranked 3rd in their leagues. They still have time to recover and win, but they will likely need to change their strategy to ensure a winning streak.

Based on our findings, Barcelona has accumulated more points from 5 Champions League matches than they did in 10 La Liga games. That will force Koeman to keep his eyes on Levante and Valencia. They have improved their offences despite already being qualified for the knockout phase.

Betting on Juventus vs Barcelona – Improving your odds

Right now, there aren’t any upcoming fixtures between Juventus and Barcelona. Until the next game is announced, you should know how to wager on Barca vs Juve and be successful.

We ran an analysis of how the two teams compare against one another, and we came up with a solid strategy that can maximize your odds of winning your wagers:

  • Learn everything about the teams – Betting on soccer requires an in-depth knowledge of the teams you want to wager on. Thus, you shouldn’t just blindly bet on Barcelona because you’re a fan of Messi. Instead, try to analyze the previous performances and any details that could influence the outcome.
  • Be patient – There’s no need to bet on every game, even though it’s tempting. Instead, look for the best opportunities and find value bets. Success in sports betting is never overnight, so you shouldn’t get disappointed by a few losses. Learn from your mistakes and increase your chances.
  • Consider alternative bets – Most casual bettors always bet on the winner. Since both football clubs are more or less equal, we recommend spending some time learning about the different types of bets that you can place, such as Double Chance, Over/Under Total Goals or First Goal Scorer, to name a few.
  • Compare the available odds – With so many online bookmakers available online, you should never settle for one. Instead, try to compare the odds and pick the one that offers the most advantageous one.  This way, you will maximize your potential return and always get the most out of your betting slips.

Following these tips are important for winning any type of soccer wager. Still, there are hundreds of ways to maximize your winning odds, but you will have to test them yourself to develop a solid gambling strategy. When it comes to betting, you need to control your impulses and have proper bankroll management skills.

Based on our experience, using the 80/20 principle in your betting journey will offer you maximum chances. Essentially, you want to learn 20% of the time and place wagers 80% of the time. This way, you will learn from your mistakes and create a strategy that works for you.

The bottom line

We hope you enjoyed our Juventus versus Barcelona breakdown.

These are two of the most loved football clubs in the world. Every soccer fan should know how these teams compare against one another and are more likely to win.

If you’re planning to wager on this fixture, consider our recommendation and use all the resources that you have available online.  Remember that there are no guaranteed winners in sports betting. Good luck!



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