Cristiano Ronaldo’s Top 5 Most Extraordinary Goals

What is that extra something that differentiates great athletes from the really good athletes? Yes, there are intangibles that come into play, but that might not be enough to explain true greatness.

In a lot of ways, Babe Ruth was an ordinary man. On the baseball field, he was the “The Great Bambino.” He wasn’t built like an athlete but few have ever been able to play baseball the way this man played baseball.

“The Great Gretzky” (Wayne Gretzky) broke every offensive NHL records known to mankind and not by slim margins. How could one athlete be so gifted as to be that much better than other great athletes in the same sport?

There are hundreds of similar examples like this that cover dozens of sports. Frankly, the great Cristiano Ronaldo may well be European football’s version of that one great athlete that has defied the odds.

About Cristiano Ronaldo

The football career of Cristiano Ronaldo has spanned 21 years. In that time, he has amassed an amazing 811 goals (to date) in major football competition. That’s in addition to hundreds of assists and the fact he makes teammates look better because of the defenses opponents have to employ to try and stop him.

What seems to set him apart from the rest is Ronaldo has the complete repertoire. He has speed, footwork, tremendous ball-handling skills, toughness, and a knack for being in the right place at the right time. He is the complete package.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Top 5 Most Extraordinary Goals

While every professional athlete could put together a reel of amazing plays and scores, there is something very intriguing about a reel or list of the top plays or scores from Ronaldo. With that in mind, here is a look at what are generally considered to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s top 5 greatest goals.

1. Overhead Kick Against Juventus (2018)

At the age of 34, Ronaldo was still considered the most effective scorer on the planet. In a Champions League playoff game versus Juventus in his last year with Real Madrid, the magic came in the 63rd minute. After a blocked shot on goal, the ball bounces out to Dani Carvajal, who subsequently sent a chip pass across the penalty area. With absolute precision, Ronaldo launched a bicycle kick from over his head right into the nets. What made the kick all the more impressive was it was done in heavy traffic while surrounded by four defenders.

2. Iconic Free-Kick Against Portsmouth (2008)

In his last year with Old Trafford, Ronaldo was selected to take a free kick versus Portsmouth in a Premier League match. As horrifying as it can be to face Ronaldo when he has the ball among defenders, it’s unimaginable how horrifying it has been to face him on free kicks. This one against Portsmouth is considered his greatest free kick ever. From 25 yards away, Ronaldo launches a knuckleball over Portsmouth’s defensive wall into the upper right-hand corner of the goal. The knuckleball effect of the kick left the Portsmouth’s goalkeeper standing in cement.

3. 39-Yard Piledriver in Champions League (2009)

In his first year with Manchester United, Ronaldo was carrying the burden of a huge contract. To reach the Premier League semi-finals, Manchester United needed an outright win against FC Porto. With the score tied and six minutes remaining in regulation, Ronaldo launches a laser beam into the upper left-hand corner of the goal from an incredible 39 yards away. The ball traveled at such a speed that the FC Porto goalkeeper only had time to pause and make a desperate lunge at the ball as it sailed out of his reach.

4. Towering Header versus Sampdoria (2019)

At the age of 35, Ronaldo still had the magic. This was a case of Ronaldo using his head instead of his feet, something he has done successfully at least 150 times in his career. In this instance, he launches himself more than 8 feet into the air from 12 feet away and heads the ball over the extended hands of the Sampdoria goalkeeper. At the time of the goal, the score was tied 1-1 with literally seconds remaining in the first half of the match.

5. World Cup Hat-Trick With Stunning Free-Kick (2018)

Consistently, Ronaldo has always been at his best when on the biggest stages. That was very evident in 2018 during the World Cup. While playing for Portugal against chief rival Spain, Ronaldo had already scored two goals on the day. However, Portugal was trailing by a score of 3-2 with only a moment or two remaining in regulation. It was then that the magic of Ronaldo was put on full display as he launches a free kick between defenders into the right side of the goal for the World Cup hat-trick.