FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: The first song of the official soundtrack has been released

At the beginning of April 2022, FIFA finally released its much-awaited theme song, called “Hayya Hayya (Better Together)”. The song anticipates the great FIFA tournament, scheduled to take place between November 21 and December 18. If you are an avid FIFA fan, you should check out this huge compilation featuring the best 100 FIFA players that will attend the grandiose event.

The event will take place in Qatar, marking the first World Cup to ever be held in the Arab world, which is a further step in the right direction of promoting acceptance and diversity.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Sound strategy

The release of “Hayya Hayaa (Better Together)” as the theme song for the future football event confirms the FIFA Sound strategy which was initially announced in early 2021. According to it, FIFA’s main goal for this year’s event is to connect the football-loving audiences from around the world who think music has the power to bring people closer together.

The FIFA Sound strategy for the 22 edition is specially designed to strengthen the bond between music enthusiasts, football fans, artists, and performers, through the game and songs they all love.

FIFA has successfully achieved its goal through the theme song released, which features stellar performances from three young sparking talents: the US artist Trinidad Cardona, the Nigerian icon Davido, and the Qatari sensation Aisha. Their collaboration has resulted in a mix of cultural influences which has culminated in a memorable anthem that it’s meant to become a musical legend.

During one of his several interviews, Kay Madati, the FIFA Chief Commercial Officer commented on the revamped music strategy of the sports event. He has emphasized this year’s soundtrack mission to bring people closer to the spirit of the FIFA World Cup.

The FIFA Chief Commercial Officer has also made an inspiring statement regarding the decision of FIFA to create a multi-cultural anthem: “By bringing together voices from the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East, this song symbolizes how music – and football – can unite the world”.

One thing is for sure – this year’s FIFA musical theme marks a historic moment for the most emblematic football event, being the first song to be performed by artists from different musical genres and cultures.

FIFA’s bold move has brought them the appreciation of thousands of fans, who are applauding its attempt to make people come together for a bigger purpose. FIFA’s acclaimed decision rightfully sets the tone for a truly global celebration.

“We are better together” – the public reaction

The music video for the FIFA music anthem was released on the 1st of April and has since gathered over 9 million views and 422k likes. The video shows some impressive footage from historic World Cup matches. It also features the three artists singing in between an expanse of dunes, along with other dancers and backup singers.

The song has been received with great enthusiasm by the FIFA fans community. According to multiple raving comments addressed to the YouTube music video, several fans think this is the best FIFA anthem song ever since the release of Shakira’s emblematic hit, “Waka Waka”.

Meeting the artists

The song’s performers were carefully chosen by FIFA’s representatives through a meticulous selection process. The representatives have taken into consideration some of the greatest artists which could gracefully represent their culture and talent in creating the perfect anthem for this year’s event.


Aisha is one of the most popular musicians from Qatar, attending several cultural and entertainment events. Her national fame has allowed her to take part in the General Assembly of the United Nations. She also took part in the grand Doha Festival City, which further boosted her popularity in her mother country.

She is the one who brings the local touch to the FIFA single. The song already has a special place in her heart, as she feels deeply connected to the themes it promotes.

When asked during an interview how she feels to be part of the FIFA World Cup Qatar Official Soundtrack, she has claimed to be “insanely happy”. She has also stated that becoming such an essential part of the official anthem exceeded any kind of expectations she had when she first started singing.

Although she has always wanted to give back to the world something meaningful through her music, something that would make an impact on the world, she never expected it to be something so grand.

Delivering a great performance during the recording of the song has become a personal challenge she set for herself. According to her public statements, the singer feels proud of the final version of the song and hopes the empowering feelings she has experienced during the recording sessions will reach the public.

Trinidad Cardona

Trinidad Cardona is a well-established American performer, and a relevant social media figure, boasting a great fanbase that supports him at every step of his musical journey.

Arizona-born, the pop artist became worldwide famous for his viral bop hit, ‘Jenifer’. His follow-up single, ‘Dinero’ further boosted his popularity on the global stage.

During a recent interview, the artist stressed how happy he was when first hearing the song: “I was instantly put in a good mood.” According to him, the song successfully embodies the values FIFA World Cup stands for. He thinks the strongest asset of the tune is certainly its powerful acceptance message.


Davido is a popular American singer, highly acclaimed for his multiple artistic contributions. Born in Atlanta, he was raised in Laos, Nigeria. He decided to pursue a musical career as he has always felt he had a talent he wished to share with the world. In addition to being a singer, Davido is also a musical composer and producer.

He has been heavily influenced by the dual culture he has been exposed to as a child. In his music, he has strived to include both American and Nigerian influences to create a mix that defined him artistically.

FIFA’s anthem message was something right down his alley, as he loved the message and the idea of an event that could bring the whole world together through sports and music. According to him, declining to take part in the collaboration was never an option, as “We are better together’ went right to his heart.

Cultural representation at the expense of banning another minority group

The diversity and acceptance themes evoked through the powerful anthem have been a great addition to the FIFA World Cup’s decision to host the main event in an Arabic country. However, since the host region is infamous for being highly adamant about banning any LGBTQ+ movements, a controversy was meant to arise.

For any member of the LGBTQ+ spectrum, attending an event where homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death is quite disconcerting.

Although FIFA has made an official statement claiming its main goal is to create an even open to any culture and identity, the concerns remain plausible. The Qatar officials have warned against any public display of affection deemed “wrong” in the country, as progressive gender and sexuality views are not part of their culture and tradition.

In 2020, the Qatari officials claimed their country had no plans of restricting the display of any pro-LBGT symbols (such as rainbow flags) at the main event. However, in April 2022, a security official of the event stressed that such symbols were unacceptable as they could cause altercations between participants.

Such a sour controversy surely removes some strength from the initial message of love and acceptance promoted by the FIFA event through the powerful musical anthem.

Ending thoughts

The upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup is one of the most anticipated events of the year. The professional football event marks the beginning of a well-deserved movement of inspiring cultures and nations to come together and join their forces to create a better world.

The official anthem of the main event features 3 inspiring young artists from different cultural backgrounds that successfully create a message of inclusion, diversity, and a sense of belonging.

We hope this wonderful message of hope will be translated into the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ members as well, so they shall be able to safely take part and celebrate the world event.

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