How to decide on a game to play

Video games in modern society

The development of the video game industry is taking leaps and bounds around the world. In the conditions of modern realities, it is quite difficult to imagine our life without games of various themes and complexity. Games have become a part of our society and have begun to influence our worldview, like cinema, television, and the media. Famous filmmakers make films based on the most popular video games, there are games based on the plots of famous books and comics.

There are many advantages of computer games, thanks to which they have gained incredible popularity among thousands of people around the world. First of all, games are a fun pastime and give us a great mood. For many people, regardless of their age and social status, the game becomes a way to relax after school or a difficult working day, switch their thoughts, and forget about everyday problems. Also, for some people, the game becomes a simulation of reality, but with the rules and conditions that he himself specifies. In the game, you can be a big leader, a superhero, the head of a large family, a farmer, or a military man. In addition, a large number of computer games allow you to learn new skills and abilities that are necessary for real life. 

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Types of video games

The video game industry is developing more and more intensively every year. There are indeed many types of computer games. We have highlighted some of them:

  1. Strategy games

A strategy game is a popular genre of computer game in which planning and strategic thinking are the keys to achieving victory.

The meaning of such games is to manage some resource that needs to be converted into an advantage over the enemy with the help of an operational plan developed taking into account the changing situation.

  1. Shooting

Shooting games are a genre of computer games in which the player’s success depends to a large extent on his reaction speed and ability to make quick tactical decisions. The action of such games develops very dynamically and requires attention and quick reaction to the events taking place in the game. 

  1. Quests

Quest games are adventure games (RPG), one of the main genres of games that require the player to solve mental problems in order to progress through the story. The plot can be predetermined or give a variety of outcomes, the choice of which depends on the actions of the player.

  1. Simulators

Simulators are software or devices that simulate the control of a device. Can be used for both learning and entertainment.

Simulation games of cars, ground combat vehicles, spaceships, airplanes, surface warships, and trains are widely known. There are also a number of real-life simulation games.

The main principle of the simulator is the exact reproduction of the features of some thematic area.

  1. Fighting games

Fighting is a genre of video games that simulates the hand-to-hand combat of a small number of characters within a limited space called an arena.

In most fighting games, the player does not need to move through a long level and cannot go beyond the boundaries of the arena, and the fight consists of an odd number of separate rounds and is not continuous.

How to decide on a game to play

There is a continuous stream of games being created and it can be difficult to know which game to play next. Whether you’re starting from the beginning or have a few titles in mind to choose from.

To keep you from playing a boring, uninteresting game, here are a few ways to help you decide which game to pick next:

  1. Read game reviews

Reviews express subjective opinions. This is the opinion of one person who played the game. However, they are still a useful indicator of the quality of a game. Try to find a reviewer whose tastes match yours. That way, if they advise something, you’re more likely to like it too.

  1. Watch gameplay video

One of the best ways to find out if you like a game is to watch a gameplay video. Trailers are good for giving you an idea, but obviously, they will be edited to make the game look as interesting as possible. With gameplay videos, you get the full impression of the game.

  1. See who the creator is

Some developers are famous for always releasing quality games. Naughty Dog (Uncharted, The Last of Us), Rockstar Games (Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption), and Valve (Half-Life, Portal) are just a few examples. If you’ve played your favorite game, find out who made it and study their other games. There is a chance that you will like their other projects too.

  1. Speak to friends

If you have friends who like playing games, they can be a great source of recommendations. They know your preferences, so they should be able to offer something that you might like. Also, if they live nearby, you can go and experience everything firsthand.

  1. Use the recommendation engine

If all this research and communication with people tires you, you can turn to robots for help. You can use the recommendation engine to get offers for new games established on the ones you’ve played and liked.

Try Steam Recommender, which reviews the games you’ve played. In addition, there is a video game recommendation engine where you can enter up to three games that you like, which will suggest more similar games to you.


Due to the wide variety of video games, it can sometimes be very difficult to decide which game to play next. Using our tips, you can easily find a game to your taste.