Sportsbook on a Computer or Mobile Device: Which is Better?

Comparing Computer and Mobile Sportsbook Experiences

Even though some people do still get the chance to visit physical casinos to place bets on sports games, not everyone has that option.

Unless you live in an area close to a casino, you may not think it worthwhile to drive a long time to place a wager in person. 

Using betting devices at casinos is fun, but placing wagers on your computer or smartphone is also very enjoyable. The question that many avid gamblers ask is whether they should focus on using a sportsbook on their phone or PC.

Below is a rundown of the pros and cons of either option. We assess the sportsbook experience on modern smartphones, while also assessing if there are any differences compared to the features that you can only enjoy when using a laptop or desktop.

Computers Win on Size

If you have a tough time reading small text, or you prefer to browse content on a larger screen, you may prefer the experience of using a sportsbook on a computer. You can utilize the full screen of your laptop or monitor, ensuring that you can easily check out the latest odds for various games that interest you.

While smartphone resolutions and software are improving, you still have to contend with a much smaller screen. Sportsbooks can put more information on a 6 or 7-inch smartphone screen, compared to five or six years ago, but the reading experience is still a little narrow and cramped.

Smartphones Offer Instant Access

The best aspect of using a smartphone when you are placing wagers on sports games is that you do not have to wait to sit down with your computer. Even if you have a laptop in your bag on the go, you would have to sit down at a coffee shop or similar area with Wi-Fi, before you can check out the odds for tonight’s games.

Using a smartphone means that such a scenario is not necessary, as you can whip out your phone while you are walking, open up the relevant app or website, and see the odds instantly. While spending a few extra minutes to access odds on a computer may not seem a big deal, those minutes can add up quickly if you are an avid better.

Enjoy Notifications On Your Phone

People who care about keeping up to date with the latest news surrounding sports games may want to get notifications about breaking news. Many sportsbooks now have apps that you can download onto your phone, which ensure that you can get a notification alert each time there is relevant information the sportsbook wants you to know.

Examples of notifications include the starting line-up for a game that you have placed a wager on, news that a specific player is out of the game, or a change in the odds pre-match. Such notifications would allow you to make a more informed decision about whether to bet on a game and in which direction to place your bet.

Playing Games

Many sportsbooks are now offering online casino access as a perk to members. If you have an account with a sportsbook, you may want to check if they also have games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette for you to enjoy.

Those who can take advantage of such a service may prefer to do so on their computer. While smartphone casinos are hugely popular, the experience is a lot less enjoyable compared to playing on a computer. When you have your laptop to play a casino game, you have a much easier time seeing your cards, the table, and other relevant details.

Immediacy Matters Most

While the most comfortable sportsbook experience is on a computer, as you can check out the odds and other information on a larger screen, there are downsides to using a PC.

Unless you always have a computer on hand, you may find that you are missing out on real-time betting and other perks if you are unable to access your sportsbook through a smartphone.

Gambling on football, basketball, hockey, or motorsports using a mobile is easy, rapid, and has very few drawbacks compared to the computer experience. The most important factor in favor of smartphones is that you can check the odds in real-time, as you watch a game unfold on TV.