Top Sports Stars Sponsored by Fantasy Sports Firms

Fantasy sports may have started as a fun contest between friends, but it has now turned into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Players love the opportunity to create their own teams and compete against other fans.

The popularity of fantasy sports has led to the creation of several top fantasy sports providers such as FanDuel, DraftKings, and Socios. As these firms are growing, they are becoming more involved with real world sports as they sponsor teams and individuals.

To confirm how valuable these sponsorships are becoming, we spoke to a director from JustGamblers. He told us:

“Fantasy sports is a thriving industry right now, with impressive participation. Top firms are investing their profits in sponsorship of major sports stars. This benefits the firms as they get increased exposure, and the stars get valuable financial backing.”

Taking a closer look at some of the sports stars involved, listed in the table below, shows us the full benefits to be had from such high-profile sponsorship deals.

Sports StarSportFantasy Sports Sponsor
Jordan SpiethGolfFanDuel
Amanda SerranoBoxingFanDuel
Bryson DeChambeauGolfDraftKings
Lionel MessiFootballSocios

Jordan Spieth – FanDuel

In August 2021, FanDuel signed a multi-year partnership with golf star Jordan Spieth. This deal means that Spieth is the face of the fantasy sports provider’s golf products in sports betting and fantasy sports.

Spieth is the first golfer to be endorsed by FanDuel.

Amanda Serrano – FanDuel

There was much excitement surrounding Amanda Serrano early in 2022 as she prepared to fight Katie Taylor at Madison Square Garden. It was around this time that FanDuel announced a partnership with the seven-division boxing champion.

The partnership meant that the fantasy sports provider developed custom promotions in the lead up to the big fight and Serrano included the firm’s logo on her trunks for the contest.

The result of the fight did not go in Serrano’s favor, but she still has an exciting career ahead of her and the benefit of the FanDuel partnership supporting her.

Bryson DeChambeau – DraftKings

DraftKings signed a multi-year agreement with Bryson DeChambeau on November 4, 2020. It has led to the star becoming the face of all DraftKings golf-related products.

Golf is the fourth most popular sport at DraftKings, and its popularity has grown by a factor of ten year-on-year. So, it makes sense that the firm would want to partner with a top player of the sport as it looks to further expand its reach.

Lionel Messi – Socios

Lionel Messi is arguably the most famous footballer in the world. In March 2022, the player signed a three-year deal with fantasy sports provider Socios. The deal is worth $20 million.

As a result of the deal, Messi will appear in several educational and promotional campaigns for Socios. He will see the financial benefits of the deal and the fantasy sports brand will get the value of backing from a sporting superstar who is the first Socios global ambassador.

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