10 Best Divorce Podcasts for Recovering and Dating Advice

When traveling by train, vehicle, or exercising, or even while doing chores, listening to podcasts is a simple and convenient option. This article describes what podcasts are, highlights some of our favorites, and provides advice to anyone interested in starting their own audio broadcast. When people undergo the process of divorce, they often need some support, they need to know that they are not alone in the situation. This is why podcasts are especially useful for them. Apart from that, people can find a lot of information they might need when filing a divorce. For example, you can find a lot of online inquiries like “divorce papers online Georgia” or in other states, as people sometimes do not even want to see their exes personally, the overall process is enough for them. And, these questions can be nicely discussed by other people on the podcast.


The name “podcasting” is formed from two words: iPod and broadcasting, which are both used in the English language (broadcasting). You may listen to a broad selection of audio programs on the Internet, which you can locate by searching for them. Podcasts, on the other hand, aren’t clear on what they are. Podcasting is another term for audio blogging, and podcasts may be comparable to radio broadcasts in their format.

To record a podcast on a smartphone, all that is required is a microphone and an Internet connection. Music listening can be done for free at times, but it can also be done for a fee at other times, depending on the circumstances. It is true that podcasting may provide income, but we will discuss this further later.


Podcasts can be listened to on the platforms where the writers have posted them, which are mostly the following:

  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • Bookmate
  • Apple Podcasts

If they choose not to do so, they may utilize podcast managers, which allow them to control both the tempo and navigation around the timeline all at the same time. Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Castro, and Pocket Casts are the top iOS podcast applications, according to a recent survey. Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, and Castbox are all available for Android users.

Podcasts, on the other hand, may be downloaded and played on an Apple HomePod, or they can be listened to when without connection to the internet.


1. The Split

Women in Australia who are going through a divorce or separation may find comfort in the new podcast The Split, which was launched in 2019 by Mama Mia and Westpac. Mandy Nolan, a comedian and novelist who is also a mother of five and has been divorced twice, will act as the show’s host and will be joined by other guests.

2. Thrive After Divorce By Tall Poppy Woman

Tall Poppy Woman hosts a podcast called Thrive After Divorce, which is about surviving divorce in Australia. Dominique Bergel-Grant, the author of Tall Poppy Woman, is the presenter of this podcast, which seeks to provide real-world accounts from women on how to reclaim yourself and rebuild your life after divorce or separation.

3. Divorce Story

Another cool divorce podcast. Named Divorce Story, will premiere on Public Broadcasting System (PBS) in March 2020. It will be hosted by journalists Cassandra Thorburn and Annaliese Dent and include interviews with other divorce survivors.

Cassandra said in her podcast interview that she had battled for years after her high-profile divorce from Karl Stefanovic in 2016. She stated she had struggled for years after the split.

4. Beanstalk Podcast

The Beanstalk Podcast was founded in 2017 by Lucy Good, a single mother who discusses a broad variety of topics. It’s a lifeline for many single mothers in Australia, and the podcast is a chance to reach even more of them in the future.

5. The Divorce Podcast

In spite of the fact that it originated in the United Kingdom, The Divorce Podcast covers a wide range of issues relating to divorce and dissolution of marriage. Kate Daly, one of the co-founders, founded the legal technology start-up tolerable after her difficult divorce.


It might seem like wading through a minefield when it comes to romance in the year 2022.  Especially after filing a divorce. As a newcomer, you’ll need to be familiar with a broad variety of vocabulary, including terms such as orbiting, zombification, and brain crumbling. Listening to podcasts on love, relationships, and sex is a pleasurable experience.

1. The Receipts Podcast

For when he’s not really interested in you.

Sexting and the hazards of social networking may also be discussed, as well as how to behave more appropriately in an unlabeled relationship or while chatting with a racist, among other topics. When it comes to The Receipts Podcast, there are no taboo topics. Tolani Schoneye, Audrey Indom, and Milena Sanchez are three young ladies who have come together to form a group. In spite of the fact that they do not sugarcoat things, they do not talk in a milder manner; instead, they speak about everything plainly but genuinely; caustically yet humorously. It seems like you’re having a casual conversation with your friends over a cup of coffee, yet the advice they offer is completely impartial.

2. Guys We Fucked

Ideal for: Promoting a sexually positive outlook.

For the first episode of this podcast, Corinne Fisher and Christina Hutchinson invited their ex-boyfriends and one-night stands to talk about their sexual encounters with them. A movement to confront the stigmatization of women who have an active sexual life began with that statement, and it has evolved into what it is today. Girls who get letters from celebrities (such as Amber Rose and Dan Savage) often invite them to their parties, but they are the ones who tell the most outrageous stories.

3. Where Should We Begin?

For situations when a psychologist is needed

Take a listen to Esther Perel’s podcast, which she presents alongside her husband, who is a therapist, writer, and public speaker. You’ll hear real-life stories from real couples. In Perel’s reception office, where visitors are welcome to “eavesdrop” on psychologists’ meetings, visitors are encouraged to dress informally. They talk about infidelity, trauma, and the lack of sex in great detail while under her supervision, all in an attempt to find forgiveness for one another. We have a better knowledge of ourselves as a consequence of following Perel’s guidance.

4. Anna Faris is Unqualified

For keeping in mind that superstars are just like us.

Is Lena Headey’s nanny open to the idea of sleeping with her? What could possibly put a crimp in Busy Philipps’ romantic plans? I’m interested to hear what Christian Siriano feels about the romances that occur in the fashion world. These questions are answered on Anna Faris’ podcast, which is a frenzy of funny sketches, phone calls from listeners, and candid interviews with her celebrity friends. She is candid with them about her own life experiences, which range from successful role-playing games to adultery and the difficulties that surrounded her divorce from Chris Pratt.

5. Modern Love

For those who are hopelessly in love

The popular New York Times column on love and grief, which was previously published in both book and Amazon Prime format, is now accessible in an audio version on a weekly basis. Greta Gerwig, Alisha Keys, and Gillian Anderson are among the celebrities who have been asked by journalists Meghna Chakrabarty and Daniel Jones to read emotional and at times heartbreaking essays about love in a special reading series. Afterwards, the visitors offer their own personal experiences with the topic, and the essay’s authors explain what really happened.

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