15 Footballers with Unusual Hobbies

All football players need a diversion to help them with loosening up after a day spent sharpening their abilities on the ground. To many, a football player’s life might look all glamorous but in reality, even it can get boring. Just like all of us, football players also have hobbies. While some of these hobbies are common, others are unusual.

Read on to know about 15 footballers with their unusual hobbies.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese professional footballer would love playing a good game of bingo whenever free. According to him, the game is very exciting and he fell in love with the game when he was presented with a bingo DVD on Christmas. He further added that the game helped him to
improve his English.

2. Petr Cech

The player is not only a legendary goalkeeper but he is also a talented drummer. He started this unusual hobby in 2010 and claims that this hobby helps him become a better goalkeeper by improving hand-eye coordination. The talented player keeps uploading his drumming videos on YouTube and has a strong fanbase.

3. Andrey Arshavin

The talented player studied fashion design at university so it does not come as a shock that he likes designing clothes. Although many football players are into fashion and have their brands, Arshavin has firsthand knowledge on the subject and now owns his own clothing line. It is reported that the player had initially enrolled for chemical technology, but changed his field when he saw many hot women in fashion design.


4. David Beckham

The former English professional footballer has tried his hands in various fields since he got retired. From starring in films to building up a successful fashion brand, from charity work to leading a Hollywood star life, the dashing player has done it all. But, one hobby that lets him unwind and socialize is fencing. Beckham gets together with Will Smith and Tom Cruise for some swordplay.

5. Daniel Agger

The footballer is not only known for his game but also for his tattoos, which cover him from head to toe. However, he is not only a player who is crazy for tattoos but is also a skilled tattoo artist. Since his retirement, the player has started a tattoo sharing website.

6. Matt Oakley

In 2001, the former Leicester midfielder started his collection of South American red-bellied piranha. The player was reported saying that he is not much interested in normal fish and always wanted something unique.

Matt Oakley

7. Joe Allen

The Welsh footballer has a very unusual hobby, which is to save hens. The player with his wife has saved many hens that were left abandoned after they completed their commercial life. Allen also appeared on the cover of the trade journal Chicken & Egg.

8. Michael Owen

Owen is known to love challenges and one challenge that the player loves is completing large jigsaw puzzles. He on one occasion posted a picture of thousand pieces, horse-themed jigsaw. Although nobody knows why instead of something sweet he chose the puzzle of a horse.

9. Nolberto Solano

The player is an amazingly well-known trumpet player, and he established a mainstream salsa band. He would carry his trumpet into the changing room to encourage his teammates. He also used to pay tribute to people who passed away. The player made it a point to practice his hobby even after he became a professional player.

10. Manuel Almunia

The player is a World War II buff. He likes visiting the diverse battlegrounds of Europe and interacting with the survivors. He also likes watching movies about the same and visiting historical places.

Manuel Almunia

11. Jozy Altidore

An American professional soccer player might not have scored many goals in the game but he has scored hundreds of goals off the pitch. Altidore is a big fan of FIFA and plays the game in his free time.

12. Wayne Bridge

Just like many others Bridge is a Star Wars fan. However, his obsession with the franchise does not stop here and he has many things related to Star Wars with him.

13. Conor Chinn

Video games are a nice way to distract oneself and pass some time and the former American soccer player feels no different. The player loves video games and spends a lot of time playing online games. Just like many others, his favorite game is FIFA.

14. Landon Donovan

It looks like footballers love the game of FIFA and the footballer Donovan is no different. The player has even appeared in FIFA advertisements.

15. Paul Scharner

The player who was not able to show much magic on the football field is an adventure lover. He loves sports like skydiving, water skiing, parachuting, and skiing. Paul loves extreme sports because of the rush he gets from them. He loves the danger and excitement he gets from such sports.