How a Coinplay user won $38400 in crypto during the World Cup final

This World Cup in Qatar was spectacular! Besides the crazy final match, we’ve seen a lot of surprises: Morocco in the semis, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia wins over the future finalists, the main favorite defeated by Croatia in the quarterfinal, and many more. No one has won all three group-stage games, which shows this tournament’s unpredictability.

But nevertheless, many Coinplay users managed to earn crypto during the World Cup. Let’s take a look at the overall statistics and the craziest bets made with Coinplay crypto betting platform.

Who guessed the champion?

Before the start of the World Cup Brazil was the main favorite with the odds of 5. No surprise that most of the users believed in them, but Argentina took a solid second place with 17% of winners among such bets. Here are the pre-tournament odds and percentages:

  1. Brazil 5 21% of bets
  2. Argentina 7.2 17%
  3. France 6.55 10%
  4. Spain 9.1 7%
  5. England 7.6 5%
  6. Portugal 13 5%
  7. Germany 10 4%

      32. Wales 151 0.01% 

Usually, these risky bets are not so high with an average amount of 12.3 USDT. But the luckiest Coinplay user among those was the one who bet 1200 USDT on Argentina and won 8640 USDT! Imagine their feelings after the loss to Saudi Arabia in the first match.

What are the highest winning odds?

To predict the champion is risky, but not like these crazy bets. Here are the highest winning World Cup odds on Coinplay:

  1. The luckiest single pre-match bet: Saudi Arabia vs Argentina – the correct score 1:2

Odds – 75

Bet – 5 USDT.

Won – 300 USDT

There were just a few Coinplay users who bet on Saudi Arabia in the pre-match, but no one placed more than 10 USDT. Only one of them guessed the correct score with a modest bet of 5 USDT, but with a very nice earning!

  1. The luckiest single live bet: Netherlands vs Argentina on the 81’ – a draw

Odds – 21

Bet – 14 USDT.

Won – 294 USDT

Almost the same amount was earned on the next fiasco of the future champions. Argentina dominated in the quarterfinal against Netherlands, but this Coinplay user believed in the orange team two minutes prior to the start of their comeback, when the score was still 0:2. Imagine their emotions seeing this unforgettable free-kick on the 90+11’ minute!

  1. The luckiest multi-bet on the round of 16: wins of Netherlands, Argentina, France, and Portugal, Brazil wins + TO 2.5, England wins + TO 2.5, a draw between Japan and Croatia 

Odds – 149.4

Bet – 7.7 USDT.

Won – 1150.4 USDT

That was a simple but very efficient bet: the key was to avoid Morocco vs Spain, the only surprising result of this round. Japan and Croatia had the closest odds so the draw was logical, Brazil and England also scored over 2.5 goals easily. But football rarely goes according to expectations, that’s why the overall odds of 7 matches are so high. And the number 7 was really lucky for this user!

The biggest amount won/lost

  1. The biggest amount won on Argentina vs France – Argentina wins the World Cup

Odds – 1.92

Bet – 20000 USDT

Won – 38400 USDT

Before the final Drake placed a famous bet of $1 million on Argentina and lost. How? He placed it on the regular time. Coinplay user was more aware and placed a huge amount just on the trophy winner with lower odds.

The outcomes for them were different, but one thing is for sure – they both lost their nerves during this crazy final. But the Coinplay user also won great money!

  1. The biggest amount lost on Croatia vs Brazil – Brazil wins

Odds – 1.42

Bet – 33000 USDT

Won – 0 USDT

After the main World Cup favorite scored 4 goals in the 1 half of the previous round, it was easy to believe that Brazil would easily pass Croatia in the quarterfinal’s regular time. But Seleção didn’t even manage to score before extra time, and the biggest Coinplay World Cup bet was unfortunately lost.

Unusual World Cup bets on Coinplay

Coinplay always offers all the possible bets even on less popular matches, and users had an almost endless choice of unusual options. Here are some curious examples out of more than 1000 odds on every match:

  1. VAR check – yes/no

Video Assistant Referee is a relatively new football feature, so it’s not a usual thing to find odds on it. But it’s a really exciting bet and a great addition to predictions on fouls and cards. Coinplay offered it on every match in Qatar and its users made over a thousand bets on VAR checks! A similar, but a bit less popular bet was called “Medical team enters the pitch – yes”.

  1. What happens first in the interval (46-51 mins, for example)

Another suddenly popular bet is on the first event during any 5 minutes of the game. Most likely it may be a throw-in, but for higher odds, Coinplay users chose corners, goal kicks, free-kicks, and even penalties.

  1. A yellow card for the delay – yes/no

And one more unusual bet that Coinplay users clicked hundreds of times. The World Cup is so important for all teams that it’s easy to imagine one of them delaying a goal kick in the final minutes. But during this World Cup, not so many bookings were given for that.

Football is coming back soon!

The World Cup was amazing, but even more exciting is the fact that we don’t have to wait 1-2 months to see all those heroes in club action again. For example, Liverpool will play against Manchester City already in 4 days after the final match in Qatar. And then we’ll enjoy the traditionally tight Christmas calendar in England. Other leagues will resume very soon too, and Coinplay will offer the best range of high odds on any match.

Besides football, they have tons of other sports – from obvious hockey and basketball (NHL and NBA are in full swing already) to some unusual ones like Muay Thai, Kabaddi, Boat Racing, Ski Jumping, and Biathlon. Two latter are especially relevant in the middle of winter – try betting on them with Coinplay and get a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to 5000 USDT!