The Most Possible Options for Cristiano Ronaldo

What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s next move? It’s a topic that’s being discussed throughout Italy, Spain, France, England, as well as the United States, as conjecture over the Juventus forward’s prospects persists.

According to claims in Italy earlier in the month, Juventus, whose resources have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic, is willing to sell Ronaldo’s assets to the 36-year-old for as little as £25 million this season in order to offload his £28 million yearly pay. Those tales, however, are not unfamiliar: Ever since the start of the season, word on the street has been that Ronaldo is available in the summer. 

This piece of news is so popular that several gambling sites via accept bets for the next destination for Cristiano Ronaldo. The previous week’s Champions League last-16 loss to Porto dealt one other blow to Juve’s cash machine, and after signing Ronaldo from Real Madrid in 2018 as the final touch of the club’s plans to win the tournament, his inability to deliver the game’s greatest prize so far has raised the possibility of him being relocated at the end of the season.

Ronaldo maintains scoring goals at an astonishing pace in spite of his age, with his weekend hat-trick against Cagliari bringing his season total to 30 goals in 33 appearances for Juventus. It also propelled him to 770 career goals, three more than Pele’s 767. Ronaldo, who is 36 and earns a lot of money, undoubtedly still has appeal due to his goal performance, so he will have plenty of possibilities this summer. But, more importantly, what are those alternatives likely to be?

Manchester United

Ronaldo departed Old Trafford in an erstwhile £80 million deal to Real Madrid 12 years ago, but United has made several attempts to entice him back since then. Some of the approaches were more genuine than others, especially in 2013 and 2014, but the circumstances never quite lined up, and his move to Juventus three years ago looked to put an end to the possibility of Ronaldo returning to Real Madrid. 

It’s not impossible, particularly if United’s owners and powerful club’s sponsors, the Glazer family, see Ronaldo as having a similar profile to Tom Brady, who enabled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to achieve the Super Bowl.

Real Madrid

Ronaldo retired from Real Madrid in 2018 as the club’s all-time greatest scorer, with 450 goals in 438 games. When questioned earlier this month if he would welcome Ronaldo’s return to Spain, Real coach Zinedine Zidane responded that the star was “magnificent.”

Major League Soccer

According to ESPN, Ronaldo is interested in moving to the United States, but only as a last stop in his journey. However, if Ronaldo were to indicate that he is open to a transfer to Major League Soccer this summer, Inter Miami would be first in line owing to the aspirations of the team’s investment group, which comprises former United and real star David Beckham.

Paris Saint-Germain

PSG is usually in the race for a top player when one becomes available, and Ronaldo is no exception, although things in Paris are currently in flux.

Stick to Juventus

Ronaldo’s Juventus contract expires in a year, therefore the truth for all parties involved is that he will only go if it is in his best interests. He might have not won the Champions League with Juventus, but he has won Serie A in every one of his full seasons with the club, scoring 95 goals in 122 games. His experience in Italy has been fruitful, and he has no desire to relocate for financial reasons or to play in a less demanding league. However, if he feels unwelcome in Turin, the lure of a comeback to Madrid or Manchester, where he would be adored and well-paid, might entice him to quit Juventus. 

At the moment, the deck is set heavily to Ronaldo’s benefit. If Ronaldo stated that he was willing to returning to either Real or United, both clubs would figure out some way to acquire him, while remaining at Juventus would allow him to depart as a free agent in 2022. If he achieves that, a transfer to MLS at the age of 37 would be a real possibility, but if he wants to leave Juventus, the Italian champs will have to convince Ronaldo himself.

In Conclusion 

Juventus’ chief football officer, Fabio Paratici, stated the other week that there are no intentions to prolong Ronaldo’s agreement in Turin, although he did not rule out the possibility of the Portuguese striker leaving. 

Nevertheless, sources have revealed to  ESPN that Juve would embrace a transfer in efforts to re-establish and reallocate Ronaldo’s money elsewhere, so potential suitors won’t be put off. United and Real are not out of the equation. Re-signing Ronaldo would be a good short-term remedy and a commercial enterprise for both teams.

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