Official titles

We have decided to take into account the titles that have been officially accepted by UEFA or FIFA, as well as by the different national federations. At national level we will count La Liga, Copa del Rey (former Copa del Generalísimo or Copa del Presidente de la República), Spanish Super Cup, the extinct League Cup and the Eva Duarte Cup (precursor to the current Spanish Super Cup). At international level we will count UEFA Champions League (former European Cup), UEFA Europa League (former UEFA Cup), the now extinct UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, the extinct Latin Cup, te extinct Ibero-American Cup or Iberia Cup, the now extinct Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, the European Super Cup and the Clubs World Cup (former Intercontinental Cup).

The now defunct Inter-Cities Fairs Cup has not been included into the list of UEFA Cups / Europa Leagues as there is a large discrepancy over whether it should be considered the precursor of the current Europa League (posture defended by FIFA) or if it must be considered an unofficial trophy (position defended by UEFA). We have also taken into account that Real Madrid never participated in this competition, being in the beginning a cup that faced the cities that had International Trade Fairs. It would not be until 1968 when the teams began to qualify for the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup because of their position in national leagues, with all Barcelona titles prior to that date (1958, 1960 and 1966).


Messi’s era (From 2004 until today)

Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo (2009-2018)

Pep Guardiola vs José Mourinho (2010-2013)