What Are The Most Popular Football Bets?

Football bets are the most popular in the sports betting scene, and the reason is quite obvious. Football is a sport that is played and enjoyed across the world. There is hardly any country in this world without many football lovers. 

Many football lovers also love to gamble on the teams, some to show loyalty, while many do it to make some extra cash. Regardless of the reason, football betting is exciting, and punters certainly love it, according to tipsters at Gambling Code.

Are you looking to gamble on a football team soon enough? According to sports betting experts, here are some of the best bets you can place.

1. Full-time result

A full-time result bet is the most common football bet. It involves predicting whether one team will win, the other team will win, or a draw at the end of normal time. Punters can find some good predictions through.

2. Half-time result

Just like the Full-time result bet but based on the score at the end of the first half of the match. The punter betting on the half-time result is expected to predict each team’s scores at the end of the first or second half. As expected, the odds here are higher than that of the full-time result as more precision is needed. 

There is also a half-time/full-time bet where the gambler predicts the result at half-time and full-time in the same bet. As the punter predicts two results in a single bet, this bet is also known as the “double result” bet. 

3. Draw no bet

Draw no bet is very similar to a full-time result bet. The only difference between both is that there is no option for a draw here. You bet on the team you predict will win. However, in situations where a draw occurs, you are eligible to get your stakes back. However, the odds here are lower than the full-time result bets as only two options are here.

4. Normal time definition

Normal time definition is based on the result after the full game. This includes the injury time and breaks during the match but does not include any extra time or penalties. Only the actual 90 minutes of the gameplay matters here which is why it is called the normal time definition.  

5. First goalscorer

The first goal scorer bet predicts the player scoring the first goal in the match. Normal time without a goal results in a victory for “no goalscorer.” Betting on “no goalscorer” is a better option than “0-0” because the odds are comparable and “no goalscorer” still wins if there is an own goal. You might also get your money back if the player you bet on to score first doesn’t start or comes off the bench after the first goal.

6. Last goalscorer

This is very similar to the first goalscorer. When making a last-goal scorer bet, you are to predict the player who will score the very last goal. If you are very familiar with a team and its players and have studied some of their matches for a while, then this should be a good bet for you. 

7. Correct score

You predict the game’s final score in the correct score bet in normal time. In this situation, the bettor must determine not only the outcome that will win but also the precise number of goals that each team will score. The odds can be very high, but the chances of winning are really low.

8. Total goals

This type of bet is also known as under/over. It is also a two-option bet. However, you will be betting on whether there will be more goals than the quoted number or fewer. Since it is a two-option goal, it is also popular as it is possible to predict high and low-scoring games without having to guess what the actual score might be. 

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