Who’s the best Messi or Ronaldo?

There are hundreds of games and sports all over the world. Every game and sport has its own rules and regulations. The popularity of sports and game depend on the demand and likeness of that area. In all sports and games, there are always competitors, friends, and top players. Same as other sports there are also 2 top players in Football. It’s a well-known sport all over the world. There are two top players in football one is Lionel Messi and the second one is Cristiano Ronaldo. There’s always be tough competition between both of them. The first one is Lionel Messi; he is from Argentina and played a lot of matches with some well-known clubs in their own country. Like he has played 778 games through FC Barcelona, 33 games from Paris Saint-Germain, and 160 from Argentina. Totally he has played 971 games and there were 764 he has done along with a ratio of 328. While on the other hand Cristiano Ronaldo, has played with different teams and did a lot of goals. While playing from Sporting CP ha has played 31 games and did 5 goals, playing from Real Madrid he played 438 games and did 450 goals, playing from Juventus he has played 134 games and did 101 goals, playing from Manchester United he has played 330 games and did 142 goals and playing from Portugal he has played 186 games and did 115 goals. After gathering such type of information, we may be able to judge the performance of any player.

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